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Life is so Short

Life Is Short

We grow to old loaded by remorse…
...for things that has not done...
...for words that has not said...
...for love not to be shown...

Life is too short.
Rather than regretting tomorrow,
do all what makes you happy today.


Be a Socialite When You lose your MOOD!

Whether we are extrovert or introvert there are times that we have no mood to socialize with other people but we are in the area of social-situation where we are forced to be a Socialite. I think it’s normal when we feel boring in a certain condition! Base on my experience and some articles that I found in this borderless world I’d like to sum up the reason “Why you might not in the mood to hit up a social event, and deal with them accordingly.”

You're Tired and Don't Feel Up to It
From my own perspective, "being tired and not feeling up to it" are the two most commons reasons why I don't like to go out—and it's easily the most common thing I hear from friends. Sometimes you don't have a choice though, and you have to get out and socialize regardless.
In this case, the trick is in forcing yourself to wake up a little in hopes that you'll be up to socialize when you're awake. As ridiculous as it sounds, a short bout of exercise is a simple way to get a little energy, and a quick walk around the block might restore your energy.
Caffeine, of course, does the trick, but has its share of downsides. If you don't want to resort to caffeine, it might be best to hit your bodies other fuel source: food. As WebMD points out, certain complex carbs found in whole-grain foods are a great way to get a quick energy boost when you need it. Oftentimes, you just need to get a little extra fuel in your system and you'll be good to walk into any social situation with your head high and your brain tuned for conversation. 

There Will Be People There You Don't Like
So, your main cause for concern is that your arch-enemy is going to be there. It's okay, we've all been there, and it's a perfectly reasonable excuse not to go somewhere. But you don't have to let it stop you being sociable.
The easiest way around this is to try and time your entrance or exit so you don't actually run into the people you don't like, but that's not always a possibility. Sometimes you have to face up to them.
In most cases, running into someone at a social function who you don't like is no different than working with someone you don't like. You can deal with the situation the same way. As we've talked about before, you might have to dig deep and figure out why you don't like a person. Perhaps, once you figure out the why, you can move on and have a perfectly good time.
Of course, that's not always the case. Sometimes you just don't like people. If it's a big problem, it might be time to step up and tell someone you don't like them. It's not an easy task, and half the battle is preparing yourself to deal with the conversation. Just remember, we all have people in our lives we don't like—before you go confronting someone ask yourself, "What's my objective in telling someone I don't like them?" If you don't have a good reason, it's probably best to just avoid them. 

You Hate Small Talk
The majority of people out there don't like small talk, but we all do it. Thankfully, you have a ton of tactics to make small talk bearable.
One of the best ways to deal with small talk is to turn it into an actual conversation. You can do this pretty easily by mentioning small details until something sticks, or even just by learning the right questions to ask. If you're struggling to think of questions question, the FORD technique (family, occupation, recreation, dreams) is a simple way to come up with interesting topics.
Once you find that question, it's time to listen. One thing I've learned over the years from being horribly awkward at small talk is that people love to talk about themselves, and the more you allow them to do so, the more they'll like you. The trick, in this case, is all about finding that middle ground where you're both interested in something, and then just letting them talk about it while listening intently. Not only do you walk away with a whole new perspective of the world, you also make a new friend who you won't have to have small talk with anymore. 

You're Stressed Out or Preoccupied with Something Else
Stress can wreck havoc on your body, and if you're stressed, going out and socializing is likely the last thing you want to do.
The problem is that dealing with stress depends a lot on where it's coming from. The best ways to deal with acute stress are to relax, give yourself some time, and talk it out with those around you. If you're stressed about the social obligation itself, it's not a bad idea to change your expectations, try and stop stress before it starts, and remember that sometimes the best way to deal with it is to do something unusual. Perhaps being sociable is exactly what you need. Some people just plain don't like socializing, and that's totally fine. But on those occasions when you're forced out (or you force yourself out), knowing the reasons why you don't want to socialize, and tackling them ahead of time, can help make the experience much more enjoyable.


Epic Halloween 2012

The Two Coffins
In yonder old cathedral
A lovely coffins lie;
In one, the head of the state lies dead,
And a singer sleeps hard by.

Once had that King great power
And proudly ruled the land--
His crown now is on his brow
And his sword is in his hand.

How sweetly sleeps the singer
With calmly folded eyes,
And on the breast of the bard at rest
The harp that he sounded lies.

The castle walls are falling
And war distracts the land,
But the sword leaps not from that mildewed spot
There in that dead king's hand.

But with every grace of nature
There seems to float along--
To cheer again the hearts of men
The singer's deathless song.

Today is a creepy Halloween’s Celebration! The first Halloween Party in my life was cool. I really enjoyed when I make-over my face with a hard and comedogenic make-up which is worsening my pure face. Maybe that’s the only reason that I have to negate that I love Halloween damn Much! This big commemoration was in IEC *my work place* and I decided to be a vampire desperately which actually inspired by “The Dark Shadow’s Movie” that is a comedy film.
So after teaching, we started decorating the room as creepy and Drippy as possible. Me and Meiny *my teammate* had an idea to take the tree branches to be an object of our decorating idea. As time passed by, We were decorating it as quick as possible as we have only a limit time (2 hr). So, the room is not scary in the end. There’s also no have a sence of a vampire. I think it’s just another random Halloween decors. After finished decorating, we dressed up into the figure that I planned to be, “The Collins”. And this is a final Makeover. 

When the bell rang, it signified the children have come. So we’re ready to welcome children. I putted on my fang and fix my mascara. The first group was scared by us *it’s mainly because Meiny screamed so loud to them XD* but when the second group came and the disastrous Halloween started. First, we lost the clue of the game, mainly because the children took it. Secondly, my mom’s antique glass was broke up because, the children nudged it *I’ll be SAFE until my mom realize it*. Thirdly, the tree’s branches collapsed X(. and finally we didn’t have any decoration left. But overall, today is so awesome. I can’t wait for he next HELLoween. Boooo~ Booooo! Candy! Chocolate! Eh?? (X_x) 


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