Epic Halloween 2012

The Two Coffins
In yonder old cathedral
A lovely coffins lie;
In one, the head of the state lies dead,
And a singer sleeps hard by.

Once had that King great power
And proudly ruled the land--
His crown now is on his brow
And his sword is in his hand.

How sweetly sleeps the singer
With calmly folded eyes,
And on the breast of the bard at rest
The harp that he sounded lies.

The castle walls are falling
And war distracts the land,
But the sword leaps not from that mildewed spot
There in that dead king's hand.

But with every grace of nature
There seems to float along--
To cheer again the hearts of men
The singer's deathless song.

Today is a creepy Halloween’s Celebration! The first Halloween Party in my life was cool. I really enjoyed when I make-over my face with a hard and comedogenic make-up which is worsening my pure face. Maybe that’s the only reason that I have to negate that I love Halloween damn Much! This big commemoration was in IEC *my work place* and I decided to be a vampire desperately which actually inspired by “The Dark Shadow’s Movie” that is a comedy film.
So after teaching, we started decorating the room as creepy and Drippy as possible. Me and Meiny *my teammate* had an idea to take the tree branches to be an object of our decorating idea. As time passed by, We were decorating it as quick as possible as we have only a limit time (2 hr). So, the room is not scary in the end. There’s also no have a sence of a vampire. I think it’s just another random Halloween decors. After finished decorating, we dressed up into the figure that I planned to be, “The Collins”. And this is a final Makeover. 

When the bell rang, it signified the children have come. So we’re ready to welcome children. I putted on my fang and fix my mascara. The first group was scared by us *it’s mainly because Meiny screamed so loud to them XD* but when the second group came and the disastrous Halloween started. First, we lost the clue of the game, mainly because the children took it. Secondly, my mom’s antique glass was broke up because, the children nudged it *I’ll be SAFE until my mom realize it*. Thirdly, the tree’s branches collapsed X(. and finally we didn’t have any decoration left. But overall, today is so awesome. I can’t wait for he next HELLoween. Boooo~ Booooo! Candy! Chocolate! Eh?? (X_x) 


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