i-Stage Debating and Public Speaking Training

Hey! what's up, buddy! Thank God I've just make a group page of my new company focus "i-Stage". Here's the Description! cekidot!

Motto: Dare Speak on My Stage!

Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. It is closely allied to "presenting". Today, people believe that Public Speaking is so important to be mastered and it's counted as the Soft-Skill to boost their career. Therefore, they start to learn about Public Speaking.
 The purpose of public speaking can range from simply transmitting information, to motivating people to act, to simply telling a story. Good orators should be able to change the emotions of their listeners, not just inform them. Public speaking can also be considered a discourse community. Interpersonal communication and public speaking have several components that embrace such things as motivational speaking, leadership/personal development, business, customer service, large group communication, and mass communication. Public speaking can be a powerful tool to use for purposes such as motivation, influence, persuasion, informing, translation, or simply ethos.
Basically, i-Stage is established to guide, coach and enlighten the learner to develop the confidence to Speak-Out your logical opinion and idea on your Stage.  
i-Stage Programs :
1.       Debating
2.       Speech
3.       News casting
4.       Presentation skills
Contact Person:
1.       Riko
Phone Number  : +62 881 1175 930
Email                     : RikoArdiansyah@email.com
2.       Reza
Phone Number  : +62 888 1497 476

"I've never undergo Stage-Fear. That fascinates people."


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